Ethically-Sourced, Organically-Grown

Our coffee is sourced from Latin America, and roasted in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Our coffee is free from GMO’s and preservatives, is Certified Organic and we guarantee no pesticides are used in the growth of our aromatic coffee beans. Decaf available.

Fresh As Fresh Can Be

Our coffee beans are vacuum-sealed from our grower until opened in our store. We grind them fresh every morning, to guarantee a quality cup of coffee for you, no matter what time you make it in.

Cool It Down With Our Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is a great thirst quencher for those of us who don’t want quite the amount of acidity as traditional hot coffee. It generally has a sweeter taste than regular coffee due to the lower acidity, and is great by itself or in an iced coffee beverage. Come in and give it a try!

Did You Know?

Though coffee was discovered in Ethiopia around A.D. 850, it wasn’t until it spread to Mocha, Yemen, in around 1100 that it became firmly established as a popular drink. From Mocha (from which Mocha coffee derives its name), beans were shipped to India, Java, and eventually Europe in 1515. By 1675, England had more than 3,000 coffee houses.